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3 Bedroom Duplexes For Sale In Abuja: Your Sweet Home!

Imagine you and your adorable family (or just you) living in the modern, spacious, and comfortable 3-bedroom duplex in Abuja displayed on this platform! How do you feel about it, imagining yourself in these beautiful houses? How would your family members react to it? Of course, they’ll thank you for life! 

We have several 3-bedroom duplexes in Abuja for sale, up for grabs. They’re waiting for you to take action. Go through the platform to view the ever-growing list of properties posted consistently.  

N 45,000,000
For Sale
hot offer

Three Bedroom Bungalow for Sale

3 Rooms3 Baths ID 31325 3 ft2
Property List NG Admin
N 50,000,000
For Sale
hot offer

Luxurious Duplex with 3 beds

3 Rooms4 Baths ID 30714 200 ft2
Property List NG Admin
N 35,000,000
For Sale
new offer

Two Units Duplexes

3 Rooms3 Baths ID 30712 2,000 ft2
Property List NG Admin

Who are we?

We’re Property List NG, one of Nigeria’s leading real estate agencies. We have our headquarters in Abuja, and we can help you acquire your dream home in the Federal Capital Territory. 

You deserve the best home in Abuja. You deserve to live in a modern house built with quality materials and a touch of excellence.

You deserve a 3-bedroom duplex in Abuja with tight security:

Security is at the top of the list when people buy houses. We also consider it when evaluating properties.

We understand how important security is and have a sound knowledge of the security situation in Abuja. Our homes are situated in well-guarded estates and peaceful areas in Abuja. 

Abuja is a federal capital territory and doesn’t experience the security challenge other parts of the country may experience. The security in the state is tight, and we ensure our clients buy properties in highly-secured areas in Abuja. 

You’ll get a briefing from us regarding the property you wish to buy. We want you to have sound knowledge of the property of your choice before making any commitment. In addition, we’ll give you all the relevant information about the property so that you can make an informed decision. 

You deserve a duplex in a booming area:

As a real estate agency with years of experience in the business, we choose the properties we display on this platform carefully. 

We will help you land your dream home in a promising area in Abuja. You’ll get a 3-bedroom duplex close to top schools in Abuja so your kids can receive the quality education they deserve.

Our properties are located around those areas in Abuja where you can find hospitals, recreational centers, and more hassle-free. 

You won’t have to travel hundreds of miles to find a hospital. We consider all properties’ proximity to schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, and others so our clients can enjoy a comfortable life. 

You deserve a duplex in an area with basic amenities:

Do you want a house in an area with basic amenities, such as good roads, healthcare, etc.? PropertyListNG will help you land your dream house in Abuja

Our properties are located in strategic places in Abuja. We can help you find a house in an area with a good road network so that you can drive your car safely to your home. 

We consider even the smallest details when vetting properties to ensure we give our clients the best. We want you to be happy and proud that you got your property from us. 

We know the impact positive reviews can have on a business. That is why we strive to do things right. Thus, when you purchase a property from us, rest assured that you are making a wise investment decision. 

Find your dream property in an area close to shopping malls and restaurants. If you want a house in an area with vibrant nightlife, we will help you secure that. 

Just go through the ever-growing list of properties on this platform and make your choice. You can also contact us to ask questions about any of the properties on this platform. Our customer support team is waiting to hear from you.  

You deserve a modern and spacious 3-bedroom duplex in Abuja: 

Let PropertyListNG help you get a house in Abuja. Please don’t waste your time visiting real estate agents that promise results they can’t deliver. 

 We will help you land a modern and spacious 3-bedroom apartment that will make you the envy of your neighbors. We evaluate the properties we display on this platform to provide all the details you need to make an informed decision. 

We understand the importance of getting a spacious apartment, even if it’s a 3-bedroom apartment. Kids enjoy running around. It’s how they expend some energy and keep their bodies fit. Parents also want their kids to be comfortable playing at home. But this will only be possible when the apartment has enough. 

You can tell us the type of 3-bedroom duplex you want in Abuja. Give us an idea of how spacious you want the property to be, and we’ll take it up from there. You can also check the ever-growing list of 3-bedroom apartments on this page. 

We encourage our clients to state their needs when searching for a property to buy on this platform. You can list what you want and use that as a reference when searching for a property on this platform. 

For example, do you want a 3-bedroom apartment with 3 baths or 4 baths? We have details of 3-bedroom apartments in Abuja published on this platform. Just go through our website and make your choice. 

You deserve a  duplex away from the hustle and bustle of city life:

There’s time for everything. There is time for work and time for relaxation. At PropertyListNG, we help our clients land their dream homes in strategic locations in Abuja. 

We help you find properties away from the city life’s hustle and bustle. We acknowledge that one has to keep hustling to pay the bills, but we also understand the importance of good night rests. The quality of rest you get daily will directly impact your health.

You deserve a duplex neat environment:

Do you want a house in a neat and friendly environment in Abuja? We can help you achieve that! We have the connections and capacity to get 3-bedroom duplexes in neat areas in Abuja. 

As real estate agents, we live in Abuja. We have been based in the state for many decades, so we know quite a lot about the state.  

Living in a clean environment will give you prestige when visitors come by. You’ll feel more comfortable when entertaining visitors in your home. 

We ensure the properties displayed on this platform are clean and appealing. You can even move in immediately after the transaction is completed. 

We know the specifications of our esteemed customers. We know the condition of the environment that these 3-bedroom duplexes are in. We evaluate all our properties carefully to ensure the properties displayed are genuine and problem-free.  

We’ll ensure you get the complete details of the property before you make any financial commitment. 

You deserve a built to your specification:

We understand that people have different tastes when it comes to properties. We also know you may have high expectations and want to buy a property where no one can invade your privacy. 

We have properties for all personalities; politicians, media personalities, expatriates, musicians, footballers, religious leaders, etc. 

Do you want a 3-bedroom duplex with a private backyard, so you and your loved ones can have a good time without the press or passersby interrupting? We have what you’re looking for. Check out the 3-bedroom apartments on this platform to make your choice. 

Buy Your Dream 3-bedroom duplex in Abuja Today.

At Property List NG, we help people find their dream homes in Abuja hassle-free. We have done the hard work of vetting these properties and providing images to enable you to form an informed opinion about the properties. Now, it is time for you to take action.

Buying a property in Nigeria, precisely in Abuja, is a wise investment. You can resell it for a higher fee or rent it. Even if you have no reason to base in Abuja, don’t forget things can change quickly. You may have a reason or two to move to Abuja and need a roof over your head. 

The property you invest in today will prevent you from spending heavily on hotel bills when you move to Abuja. So take a bold step. Get a 3-bedroom in Abuja, Nigeria. 

 3-bedroom duplexes In Abuja At Affordable Prices 

PropertyListNG brings you the best deals when it comes to properties. We help you land your dream properties without breaking the bank. 

We can help you negotiate with sellers and get the best deals. Just search this list for a house of your choice. Indicate your interest, and we’ll take it up from there.

Some real estate agencies are only concerned about their pockets. Thus, they don’t try to negotiate lower fees for their clients. 

This is one area Property List NG is different and loved by many in the industry. For us, our clients come first! We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes when negotiating. 

So, if you want a real estate agent willing to negotiate the best deal and help you save money, PropertyListNG is a wise choice. We aim to help as many people as possible to land their dream homes in Abuja. 

Are you ready to take the next bold step to land your dream 3-bedroom apartment in the FCT, Abuja? You’re just a click away!

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