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Available 5 Bedroom Duplexes For Sale In Abuja

Is your dream house a 5-bedroom duplex? Is Abuja your preferred location? If yes, you’re in the right place! This is where you can find your dream house.

Property List NG is one of the leading real estate agencies in Nigeria. We have helped hundreds of people (expatriates, foreigners, organizations, and Nigerian citizens) secure their dream homes in Abuja hassle-free.

If you’re seeking a 5-bedroom duplex for sale in Abuja and want it in a secure, economically viable, and comfortable location, we have tons of must-have properties for you.  

We make it possible for our clients to purchase modern and spacious properties without breaking the bank! We want you to give your family and humble self the comfort you deserve. You have been working so hard to lead a happy and comfortable life. Now is your chance to acquire a property in a viable location in Abuja and make your dream a reality!

You deserve to live in a modern house spacious enough to accommodate your adorable family and give your super-active kids the freedom they crave. We can meet your property needs at Property List NG. 

N 5,000,000
For Sale
new offer
N 80,000,000
For Sale
new offer


5 Rooms5 Baths ID 31078
Property List NG Admin
N 350,000,000
For Sale
hot offer

5 bedroom duplex with all properties inside ...

5 Rooms5 Baths ID 31058
Property List NG Admin
N 400,000,000
For Sale
new offer

5 Bedroom fully detached duplex with 2 sitti...

5 Rooms6 Baths ID 31050
Property List NG Admin
N 45,000,000
For Sale
new offer

2 Units Of 5 Bedroom Duplex

5 Rooms5 Baths ID 30719
Property List NG Admin
N 49,000,000
For Sale
new offer

Luxurious Semi-Detached Duplex

4 Rooms4 Baths ID 30721 2,000 ft2
Property List NG Admin

The Advantage Propertylistng Offers Property Buyers 

Property List NG is the go-to platform for people seeking properties to buy in Abuja, Nigeria. As the name implies, we help potential buyers find their dream duplexes in Nigeria

Here is why we are one of the leading real estate agents in the country. 

Our Properties Are Affordable:

Properties in Abuja can be very pricey, given the state’s status. It’s the capital city of Nigeria, so tons of people are trooping in now and then.

Interestingly, Propertylistng isn’t a real estate company that exploits buyers. Nothing is more important than making our clients happy and maintaining our reputation. We have built a solid reputation in this industry and want it to stay that way. 

We derive joy in seeing families happy and comfortable in their new homes acquired through Propertylistng. It motivates us to keep working harder to help more property investors.  

So, if you’re looking for a 5-bedroom duplex for sale in Abuja, you have come to the right place!

Available 24/7  

Are you on a tight deadline to find a house and move in with your family? Do you wish to buy a 5-bedroom duplex in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria? We have what you’re looking for!

Propertylistng is the go-to real estate agent, and we’re available 24/7. You can contact us via any means you find suitable, and we’ll work on your request. 

We can help you find your dream home to meet your deadline. We want you to move into your dream home quickly and settle down. 

So, feel free to contact us whenever you’re free. You can contact us any time of the day. 

An Experienced Real Estate Agency:

Experience matters a great deal in the real estate industry. So, find a real estate agent with experience in the industry, including region operation. We have completed hundreds of property deals and look forward to the next one. 

We have been in this business for decades and have helped hundreds of individuals, companies, and expatriates land their dream homes in Abuja.

We know how to evaluate properties and offer you the needed information to make an informed decision. We are professionals and ensure we guide prospective buyers like you to make the best decision. 

So if you want an experienced and reliable real estate agent, Propertylistng is a wise choice. You don’t even need to have experience in buying properties. We’ll do all the hard work and ensure the keys to your apartment gets into your hands as quickly as possible.   

Reliable Real Estate Company:

Propertylistng is where it is today because of our trustworthiness, reliability, and hard work. We are committed to serving our customers better, offering valuable properties in the ideal areas according to clients’ specifications. 

You can find images of high-quality 5-bedroom duplexes in Abuja here. Choose the one you want, contact us, and we’ll take it up. 

Modern 5-Bedroom Apartment In Promising Areas In Abuja:

We offer modern houses situated in promising areas in Abuja. You’ll find adorable houses near schools, hospitals, recreational centers, shopping malls, mosques, and churches

We want you to find a house you’ll admire every day. We want you to be happy you made the best investment decision in decades by acquiring our property. 

You can engage our customer support whenever you want. We would like to know your preference and work with you to meet your needs. Please tell us the kind of 5-bedroom duplex you want to purchase in Abuja, and we will work hard to meet your requirement. 

Do you want a 5-bedroom duplex with all the properties inside? Do you want a 5-bedroom fully detached duplex in Abuja with two sitting rooms or a 5-bedroom terrace duplex? You’ll find what you’re looking for on this platform.   


In business, transparency is essential. No business survives for long without it. We have been in this real estate business for decades, and we’re proud to say all our clients have good things to say about us. 

You can see the prices of 5-bedroom duplexes in the FCT displayed on this platform. 

Super Fast Deals:

As one of Nigeria’s leading real estate agencies, we know how to get deals over the line. We have been in this industry for decades. So we know the in and out of the real estate industry. 

Our real estate experts are fully aware of all the requirements for your dream home displayed here; we’ll ensure the deal progresses smoothly. 

A Rich List Of 5-Bedroom Duplexes:

We have an ever-growing list of 5-bedroom duplexes in different parts of Abuja. We have in Kubwa, Aso Estate, Guzape, Garki District, Wuse, and all over Abuja. 

We understand that clients have their preferred locations when buying properties. Properties displayed on this platform are from all over Abuja, Nigeria. That’s why we can find your dream house in your most-preferred area. 

You can search through the properties posted on this platform. Check the areas the properties are situated. Contact us if you can’t find a property in your preferred location from the options displayed. We will ensure you find your dream home and location in no time. 

Our agents work 24/7, gathering information about properties in and around Abuja. It’s a hectic process, but we’re happy doing it. We enjoy what we do and are motivated to keep working harder. 

Different Currency Options:

We help people In Nigerian and from around the world find their dream homes in Abuja. Thus, it’s only reasonable to offer our clients the option to pay for properties in different currencies.

You can pay in Naira, Cad, and Euros. Pay with a currency that’s comfortable for you. 

If you’re outside Nigeria and wish to pay with a foreign currency (Euro or Cad), we have a currency converter to help you calculate how much you will pay for the property. 

Security First:

Security is one of the first things people consider when buying a property. We all want our homes to be in a secure environment.

We understand how paramount security is for home buyers in Abuja. But the good news is that the properties we display on this page are in highly secured areas. 

Before making any commitment, we’ll also brief you on the property. We check the details for each property before displaying them on this page. We want our clients to have all the information they need about a property to make informed decisions. 

Take Action Now! Purchase Your Dream Home On PropertyListNG

Real estate is a dynamic industry. Today a piece of land sold for 10 million can appreciate twice or more this amount within a year or less. 

We have been in this business for several decades and know valuable properties when we see one. So, any property displayed on this page is of high value. You won’t regret splashing your cash on properties published on this platform. 

Our experience and knowledge of Nigeria’s real estate industry, especially Abuja, sets us apart. It’s why we always make the best decisions when deciding the property to put on this page. 

Do You Want To Live Elsewhere But Buy A House In Abuja?

Do you like to own a property in Abuja and may probably not live in the state? Investing in a property in Abuja will be a wise investment decision. 

You can decide to resell or rent the property, even if you don’t plan to live in Abuja. But we advise you to purchase a property now that you have the means to do so. 

You can discuss your real estate investment plans with us too. We’ll give you expert advice to enable you to make an informed decision. 

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