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Find All Detached Duplexes For Sale In Abuja

Good news! You can get a detached duplex for sale in Abuja here. If this is your dream house, Propertylistng has a wide array of detached duplexes you can choose from. 

Finding a house in this part of the world is a daunting task. In Abuja, some property buyers encounter unserious real estate agents. And these agents make promises that they fail to keep.

People pay agent fees and other charges, but the agents don’t do their jobs. Some might even find a home for you and negotiate for a higher fee behind your back. Avoid such greedy real estate agents, as they only care about their pockets.       

Property List NG stands out in the real estate industry. We don’t make fake promises and enjoy working with serious clients. If you want a detached duplex in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Propertylistng is here to help you find one. 

N 400,000,000
For Sale
new offer

5 Bedroom fully detached duplex with 2 sitti...

5 Rooms6 Baths ID 31050
Property List NG Admin
N 49,000,000
For Sale
new offer

Luxurious Semi-Detached Duplex

4 Rooms4 Baths ID 30721 2,000 ft2
Property List NG Admin
N 50,000,000
For Sale
hot offer

Luxurious Duplex with 3 beds

3 Rooms4 Baths ID 30714 200 ft2
Property List NG Admin
N 350,000,000
For Sale
hot offer

5 bedroom duplex with all properties inside ...

5 Rooms5 Baths ID 31058
Property List NG Admin

What Makes Propertylistng The Ideal Platform To Acquire Your Property?

We’re running a unique real estate platform where property buyers and sellers converge. We are the go-to platform for numerous property buyers and sellers across the globe. 

Buy genuine detached duplex in Abuja, Nigeria

Property List NG has been consistently transparent over the years. We run a platform where everything we do is transparent. The houses displayed on this platform are the same ones you’ll see when you arrive at the property location. 

We’re committed to helping you find your dream detached duplex in Abuja. You deserve a modern, comfortable, and spacious detached duplex. Your adorable family does too. 

Payments for properties displayed on this platform are made once clients are satisfied. No one will ask you to pay for a property unless you have verified the owner, evaluated the property, and you’re convinced to make a move.

We also provide details of every property listed on this platform. You’ll find the location of each property, the price tags, and number of bedrooms, the number of rooms, among others. 

Modern and world-class detached duplexes in Abuja:

If you dream of living in an elegant, feature-rich, and well-constructed house, Property List NG can help you find one. 

You’ll find world-class detached duplexes on this platform. There are houses with modern features like an alarm system to keep you alert and illegal intruders at bay. 

We also offer detached duplexes with Wi-Fi access, a gym, pool area, media house, basketball court, and others too numerous to mention. 

We want to continue feeding you with world-class houses. That’s why we keep this page updated consistently.  You’ll find detached duplexes with modern kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms, equipped with modern facilities.

On this platform, you can get houses with all the properties intact. There won’t be any need to buy new items or furniture your new house. All you need to do is move in with your adorable family and enjoy your new home. 

We set a very high standard when evaluating the homes we publish on this page. That’s why you can see that the homes we display on this platform are world-class. We want our highly-esteemed clients to buy properties they will be proud to call their own. 

Affordable detached duplexes in Abuja

What is the budget for your proposed detached duplex in the federal capital territory, Abuja? You’ll find the perfect home for you and your family here. 

Our detached duplexes are available in various price ranges. So check the list and make your choice. You will find the prices of each house displayed alongside pictures of the properties.  

We run a transparent real estate platform with genuine buyers and sellers. Thus, properties displayed on this platform are registered and genuine. 

PropertyListNG runs a customer-centered real estate platform where every customer matters. And we want to help our customers find an affordable home in Abuja. 

We can help renegotiate the price of any property of interest to help you get the best deal. We give our esteemed clients opportunities to buy properties at the right price. 

Buy detached duplexes in a popular area in Abuja

We have properties scattered across Abuja and its environs. You’ll find detached duplexes in popular areas in Abuja. 

This platform has an ever-growing list of detached duplexes, so you have plenty of properties to choose from. You can check the various properties on the platform and choose the one you want. 

Is location a factor when searching for your preferred detached house in Abuja? We’ll ensure you get a house in your preferred location. You’ll find properties scattered across various states of Nigeria, including Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, in this platform. 

You’ll find the location of each property indicated to enable you to make an informed decision. It’s our goal to help you find your preferred property in your preferred city in Abuja. 

Highly professional real estate customer support

Our customer support team keeps getting positive reviews for their professionalism. We are a customer-centered real estate platform and treat every customer the same way. 

We established this platform to help people to find their property of choice easily. In addition to helping you find a property, we help make the acquisition process seamless. 

If requested, we will get involved in the negotiation and ensure you have all the information you need on a property to make an informed decision. 

Buy detached duplexes in a secured area in Abuja

Security is a huge factor for property buyers. No one wants to buy a house in a place where insecurity thrives. At Property List NG, we ensure properties listed here are in areas with tight security. 

You will find houses in estates with tight security and zero tolerance for unrest. These places have remained peaceful for years. 

So if you’re looking for a detached duplex in Abuja in a security-tight area, you’re in the right place. Just go through the list and choose the property you prefer. 

Buy genuine detached duplexes in Abuja

One thing you should remember when searching through the myriads of properties here is that everything we do is genuine. The properties listed here are genuine, so you can go ahead and make your choice.

We have been in this business for quite a long time and keep growing stronger by the day. We have our highly esteemed clients to thank for our meteoric rise. Your trust in us took us this far. 

We will continue to publish real and verifiable properties on this platform. We will keep being the reputable real estate platform we have been. 

You’ll have peace of mind when you buy a property via this platform. We ensure the transactions between buyers and sellers are seamless, and you get your property of choice. 

Buy a spacious detached duplex your family will love

There is no better way to show love and care for your family than to accommodate them in a comfortable house. We’re talking about a modern and spacious house packed with diverse amenities that makes a house a home. 

Kids adore houses that boast enough space or a play area. So, they’ll be happy and grateful to stay in a spacious house like the ones listed on this platform. 

So let’s make it happen for you. You can search this page and choose a befitting duplex to invest in. 

You can customize the house you buy through us after touring, evaluating, and concluding your payment for the property. 

We always list each property’s features on this platform. So go through them to make an informed decision. 

Book a tour with us now!

Are you interested in buying a detached in Abuja, and do you want an opportunity to tour multiple properties? We can make it happen for you. 

You can book a tour with us right away. Get the chance to view various properties to make an informed decision. 

Note that there will be no hidden charges when you buy a property through us. We are transparent in everything we do. You’ll get a proper breakdown of the specific amount you’re paying. 

Unlike other real estate platforms, we have prices of properties written so potential buyers can make quick decisions. 

Our team is here for you!

 Our team of real estate experts is here for you. We want you to know that, and we want you to have massive confidence when buying a property from us. 

You can reach us with ease. We’re available 24/7, so you can expect a quick response from our end. 

You can find the property you want from this platform. Go through the ever-growing list of detached duplexes for sale in the FCT and choose. 

We urge you to keep searching if you can’t find a property you like from the list of options displayed on this page. We will keep this page constantly updated, so you have plenty of options. We want you to find your dream home and are confident you will make a move. 

So, take that bold step now. Get a duplex in Abuja. 

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