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Cost Of Roofing In Nigeria: Nailing Your Roofing Budget

Posted by Property List NG Admin on December 3, 2022

Cost Of Roofing In Nigeria

With the real estate sector booming in Nigeria, one of the things you need to be aware of is the cost of roofing a house in Nigeria. 

Every homeowner knows that roofing is one of the most important components of a house. It protects the occupants from the elements and adds to the home’s aesthetic value. 

It is important to be aware of the roofing costs in Nigeria, as this will help you budget for the project and make an informed decision. 

The roofing cost varies based on several factors, including the type of roofing material, the size of the roof, the labor cost, and the complexity of the roof design. 

In this article, we will discuss the cost of roofing a house in Nigeria and various factors that affect the cost of roofing. 

Estimating the Roofing Cost Of Your House

Cost estimation is crucial when running any project since you must get the right amount to succeed. 

Roofing has some factors that are important in helping you determine how much money you will spend. Here are some of the most important ones;

  1. The type of roof you will use

The type of roof you use has the biggest impact on the money you will spend to complete the roof. 

There are several roofing materials with different designs, and they have different prices per meter. It comes down to your budget and plans to decide which roof is best.

You can go for affordable roofing options like an asphalt shingle roof if you are on a tight budget. 

There are more expensive and durable options, like stone-covered roof sheets. Each option has advantages and setbacks, but more money means better quality in most cases.

  1. The roof’s internal components 

There is more to roofs than the external aluminum or stone-covered surface. There are other components inside that support the roof, and they will affect the final price. The roof has starter shingles, ventilation systems, ridge capping, underlayment, and water shields.

Depending on the type of roof you go with, there might be more components, and they will incur more costs. Invest in high-quality components to get a sturdy and long-lasting roof.

  1. Time and labor needed to complete

The money you spend on the employees working on the roof is also a factor in the final sum. The payment per worker will depend on their role, skill level, experience, and how much work they do.

The time will depend on the suppliers, size, and roof complexity. More complex roofs require more time to finish; therefore, you will spend more money on them.

  1. Number of penetrations on the roof

The penetrations on the roof refer to parts that cause a break in the general structure of the roof. These include chimneys, kitchen and bathroom vents, skylights, and other accessories. Workers will spend more time working around these, and they will increase the budget.

It might also cause wastage as the workers might have to cut the roofing material around the penetrations. 

  1. Roof accessibility

Roof accessibility for the masons is also important. If the roof is easily accessible, you won’t need to hire specialized equipment to deliver the raw materials. You will also need fewer workers, and your final cost will come down.

If it is a story building, you will need cranes and pulleys to hoist the raw materials up to the roof, and this will cost more than renting equipment.


Roof Types in Nigeria and Their Prices

One of the biggest factors affecting the roofing cost is the type of roof you decide to use. Various roofing sheets are common in Nigeria, each in a different price range. 

Picking roof sheets is important for many reasons so let us get into the details and break them down;

  1. Stone Coated Roofing sheets

This is a popular option in Lagos and other big Nigerian cities since it combines the durability and elegance most people like in cities. In Nigeria, this is one of the most durable roofing options, and it comes in many designs and colors.

The core of this roof is steel, like regular roofs, but it is lined with an acrylic film that holds chips of stones. 

Stone Coated Roofing sheets (1)


This creates a layer of durability, strength, and beauty. This roofing option doesn’t expose the steel to water; therefore, it can’t rust.

Stone-coated roofing is the most expensive option in Nigeria, but it will be worth the money in the long run. 

They can withstand harsh weather conditions better, last longer, and are more reliable than other options.

Maintenance is easy, but it isn’t a concern for most people since the need rarely arises. The price varies mostly depending on the thickness and type of stone-coated roofing you need. The cheapest is the Milano which goes for 4 100 Naira per meter.

Romania is more elegant and durable; therefore, it comes at 4 300 Naira per meter. The other types range within the same price bracket as in the following table.

Design Thickness Price per meter
Milano 0.55mm $9.24
Classic 0.55mm $9.01
Bond 0.55mm $9.01
Shingles 0.55mm $9.01
Roman 0.55mm $9.46
Shake 0.55mm $9.24
Romania 0.55mm $9.69


People love stone-coated roofing because of their long-lasting beauty. The designs are more beautiful and retain their color much longer than other roofing options on the market. They are also soundproof; thus, they will cancel out most of the sound when it rains.

They are also light, so they will not strain the house’s structure, further ensuring durability. The stone is fore and heat resistant; therefore, the house will have lower temperatures when it’s hot outside.

  1. Aluminum Roofing sheets

Aluminum roofing sheets are another popular option for Nigerian homeowners, even more popular across the country than stone-coated roofing. 

Aluminum roofing is not as strong as stone-coated roofing, and it rusts after a while, especially in the rainy season.

The rust doesn’t affect the quality, which is still Nigeria’s most-sold roofing option. Most people paint over aluminum to protect it from rain and prevent rusting to make it more durable. They offer durability and reliability at an affordable price.

Most dealers guarantee more than 50 years of usage regardless of weather and temperature, which is impressive. 

The biggest downside to aluminum roofs is how noisy it gets when it rains. They also conduct heat; therefore, your home needs additional temperature control.

Aluminum roofs also come in varying thicknesses and designs, affecting the price. Thicker options are more durable, thus costing you more money. 

Sheet Type Thickness Price per meter
Long span 0.45mm $6.53
Long span 0.50mm $7.21
Long span 0.55mm $8.67
Long span 0.70mm $14.19
Step-tile 0.45mm $6.98
Step-tile 0.55mm $7.77
Step-tile 0.55mm $9.12
Metcoppo 0.55mm $7.77
Metcoppo 0.55mm $9.35


  1. Fibre Britment roofing sheets

This roofing option is growing popular in Nigeria, and most new masons would recommend it. It has reduced in the market as the customer choice since most people are after aluminum sheets or stone-covered roofs.

Fibre Britment roofing offers the middle ground between the two popular choices. It maintains high quality and amazing ruggedness, ensuring its users have long years before needing maintenance. 

Fibre Britment roofing sheets are rugged but reliable and can look fashionable if used correctly. Nigeria hasn’t many types, so it makes a choice easier. Mostly they cost about 7.6 dollars per square meter.

Fibre Britment roofing sheets

Some high-end options go as high as 11 dollars per meter, offering more style and longevity. They offer enhanced ventilation which keeps your house fresh and cool. They are weatherproof, fireproof and soundproof therefore you don’t have much to worry about.

  1. Swiss roofing sheets

Swiss roofing sheets are the best choice for someone looking for elegance, beauty, and class. They are not the most popular roofing option in Nigeria, mostly because of their high price.

Regular Swiss roofing sheets cost between 13 and 20 dollars which is more than double what other roofing options cost. The price will depend on where you get the roof, its design, currency exchange, and the year of production.

Swiss roofing sheets

© Hornal.edu

The building material prices fluctuate, and this causes constant changes in the price of the roofs; therefore, it is hard to create a long-term budget.



You now have a full scope of the cost of roofing in Nigeria, and you will have an easier time building your home. 

There are many roofing options, and they affect your project’s budget. You should look at all the types with their disadvantages to get the best one.

The more expensive options often have additional benefits, such as being soundproof. This is advantageous, especially for people in rainy areas. 

The thickness affects the durability of a roof; therefore, go for thicker options that might be more expensive but will work longer.


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