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All Available 4 Bedroom Duplexes For Sale In Abuja: Property List NG

Do you want a 4-bedroom duplex in Abuja with the perfect balance between luxury, comfort, and privacy? You’re one click away from getting your dream home!

Who are we? We’re the leading real estate agency established to help individuals and corporate organizations land their ideal homes globally.

We have been in this industry for several decades and want to help as many prospective property buyers as possible to get their dream homes. 

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria, a place almost everyone wishes to live in. However, finding a home in this state can be tough. Most real estate agents make promises to their clients but fail to help them find a house after many weeks. 

The good news is that Property list NG is a real estate agency with a difference! We operate differently and always put our clients first. Our primary focus is to help our clients land their dream homes in Abuja without breaking the bank.

N 87,000,000
For Sale

3 units of four bedroom duplex for sale

4 Rooms5 Baths ID 31199 4 ft2
Property List NG Admin
N 48,000,000
For Sale
new offer

4 bedroom duplex for sale

4 Baths ID 30862
Property List NG Admin
N 49,000,000
For Sale
new offer

Luxurious Semi-Detached Duplex

4 Rooms4 Baths ID 30721 2,000 ft2
Property List NG Admin

Can I get my family a spacious and comfortable 4-bedroom duplex for sale in Abuja?

Of course, you can! You can go through our list of properties and make your choice. But if you can’t find the property you need, don’t panic. We will keep updating this page with images of 4-bedroom apartments in Abuja. So, you will find numerous options to choose from.

A 4-bedroom duplex in Abuja will be enough to accommodate you and your family. It doesn’t matter your family size. You can get creative with the bedroom arrangement, so your home can accommodate more people. 

Comfort is one of the reasons people consider buying a 4-bedroom apartments. That’s why we work hard to provide information on comfortable, modern, and adorable houses in Abuja on this platform. 

Are 4-bedroom duplexes in Abuja Expensive?

The response to this question is subjective. However, one thing you must understand is that Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. So many people are flooding the state. 

At PropertyListNG, we help our clients find modern, comfortable, and affordable houses in Abuja. Trust us to negotiate a good deal on your behalf. We have been helping many clients with their negotiations. We can help you get a better deal for the property you wish to buy.

Are the houses displayed on Propertylistng genuine?

Yes, the houses displayed on this platform are 100% genuine. Propertylistng is a real estate agency with a difference. We started by operating offline for several decades but decided to go digital. We want to reach out to more people across the country and the world who are interested in buying a house in Abuja.

The pictures of houses posted on this platform are genuine. We want you to have a view of various properties and have enough details to make an informed decision. 

I want a 4-bedroom duplex in a secure location in Abuja. Can I find one here?

Yes, we can! You can see the ever-growing list of properties on this platform. We carefully evaluate each property to ensure they meet our standards. 

Security is one of the things we consider when vetting a property, as it’s the most crucial factors for buyers. 

The properties listed here are in secured locations. You’ll also receive a briefing on the property before making any commitment. 

You can find a 4-bedroom duplex in Abuja, situated in estates with tight security. We also offer other options if you don’t want to live in an estate. 

We want you to have peace of mind when buying a property via this platform. We want a situation where you will feel comfortable and secured in your own home. 

PropertyListNG has been in the real estate industry for many decades, and we understand the Abuja real-estate market like the back of our hands. So, we’ll help you find a house where you and your family will feel comfortable and secure. 

In what area of Abuja can I find a 4-bedroom duplex?

We will help you find a house in any location of your choice. You can search this platform for 4-bedroom duplexes and see each house’s locations and other details indicated. 

Can’t find your preferred location on the list? There’s no cause for alarm. We update this page constantly, so be patient. You’ll find your dream house in your preferred location in no time. 

How much does a 4-bedroom duplex cost in Abuja?

The price of properties varies. In other words, there is no fixed price. You can find the price range listed for each property on the website.   

PropertyListNG has a reputation for helping buyers to get the best deal. We’ll help you negotiate your property if you want us to get involved.

Helping you find your ideal house is our primary aim. We want you to buy a house that you’ll be happy about and enjoy the comfort you crave. 

Many real estate agencies are not as customer-centered as us. We put our customers first and ensure everything we do benefits them. So, when we negotiate for a property on your behalf, you can trust us to make the right decision. 

Can I buy a house in a 4-bedroom duplex in another state?

 Property List NG is a real estate marketplace. So, yes, you will find properties from other states to purchase on this platform. 

Our goal is to help millions of people around the globe, including in Nigeria, find their dream homes hassle-free. We have well-trained real-estate experts that oversee the processes. Properties listed on this platform are also registered and genuine. 

Images of various properties are listed on this platform consistently. You can search the platform a find your ideal property. 

We have a long list of 4-bedroom duplexes in Abuja listed here. Just go through the list and make your choice. 

Can I put up my 4-bedroom duplex for sale on this platform?

The brain behind PropertyListNG is to create a real estate marketplace where people can have a wide array of options when weighing up properties to buy.

We allow genuine owners to list their registered properties on the platform for sale. You can become a real estate agent on this platform too. 

This is the real-estate platform where buyers and sellers meet. So you can become a property seller or buyer here. The choice is yours to make. We aim to ensure sellers have access to the right audience for their products and that buyers find the properties of choice at the best prices. 

Can I find a 4-bedroom duplex in a lively area in Abuja here?

PropertyListNG offers you access to a wide array of properties. You will find standard 4-bedroom apartments in Abuja on this platform. This page is updated regularly, so you can continue visiting this page if you can’t find a property you like. 

You’ll find 4 bedrooms in lively areas in Abuja here. Just keep searching, and you’ll find a suitable option. Our goal remains to help buyers find suitable properties. You can search through the listed properties and make your choice. 

Are there 4-bedroom duplexes in Abuja?

Yes, there are tons of 4 bedroom duplexes in Abuja. The fact that you haven’t found a suitable one shows that the real estate agents you have been using weren’t doing enough to help you land your dream home. 

Now that you’re here, we want to assure you that you will find your dream home here. We have a vast collection of 4-bedroom apartments in Abuja. You can go through the list of houses published on this platform to make your choice. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. However, if you cannot find your ideal property from this list, we urge you to keep visiting this page. 

Why should I buy my property from PropertyListNG?

Finding a real estate agent ready to work with you to lower the prices of homes can be tough. Most real estate agents out there are only ready to exploit buyers. 

Our modus-operandi is simple. We display a wide array of 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, 5-bedroom and detached duplexes in Abuja while you choose the one you prefer from the list. 

We have a wide array of houses displayed on this platform. Another thing that makes us unique is that we’re ready to help you get the best deals. Just choose the property you like, and we’ll take it. 

How long does it take to buy a house from Property List NG?

We’re not the type of real estate agency that wastes client’s time. We are ready to ensure you acquire your property and move in quickly.

How quickly you can acquire a property via PropertyListNG depends on you. Once you’re ready, the deal will be concluded in no time. Our customer service agents are ready to work with you to ensure you buy the property of your choice. You can contact us for more details.

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